Matricaria discoidea DC. - syn.Chamomilla suaveolens (Pursh) Rydb.; Santolina suaveolens Pursh - Asteraceae
rayless chamomile, pineapple-weed, Strahlenlose Kamille

Annual herb, up to 40cm tall, native to North America, naturalized in Europe and Asia.

Main components of the essential oil (0.1% w/w d.w.) from aerial parts of Matricaria discoidea grown in Alberta, Canada, were myrcene (28.5%), (E)-β-farnesene (23.4%), germacrene D (6.8%), geranyl isovalerate (6.4%) and (Z)-en-yne-dicycloether (8.1%).
[Lopes, Daise, and Paul P. Kolodziejczyk. „Essential oil composition of pineapple-weed (Matricaria discoidea DC.) grown in Canada.“ Journal of Essential Oil Bearing Plants 8.2 (2005): 178-182]


Matricaria discoidea (C.suaveolens) flowers contained 0.12% essential oil. (Z)-en-yne-dicycloether (37%), geranyl isovalerate (22%), and (E)-β-farnesene (15%) are the main components. Chamazulene is the typical constituent of the essential oil of Chamomila recutita (Matricaria chamomilla), but was found in Matricaria discoidea at only 0.5%.
[Content and composition of essential oils in some Asteraceae species., Raal, A., Kaur, H., Orav, A., Arak, E., Kailas, T., Muurisepp, M., Proceedings of the Estonian Academy of Sciences, Vol.60(1), 2011, 55-63]

Kops et al., J., Flora Batava, vol. 20: t. 1597 (1898)

Matricaria discoidea
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