Magnolia x alba - syn. Michelia longifolia Blume, Michelia × alba DC. - Magnoliaceae - white champaca, Weiße Champaca

Tree, up to 17m tall, native to Indonesia, cultivated as ornamental (Asia); Branches and leaves (long elliptic to narrowly ovate) fragrant after being crushed. Flowers very fragrant, petals 10, white, 3-4cm long.
„This hybrid is grown as an ornamental and used medicinally. The plant is usually not fruiting and is propagated by grafting.“

„In Indonesia, the pleasantly fragrant flower is used and arranged together with Jasminum sambac as flower garland, especially wore by brides during traditional wedding ceremony. The flowers are similarly used in Thailand, where they are worn as traditional wedding garlands by the bride and groom. “

„The chemical composition of the flower concrete oil and leaf oil of Michelia alba have both been examined by a combination of GC/MS and retention indices. Approximately 100 compounds were characterized in both oils, with linalool being the major component of the flower oil (72.8%) and the leaf oil (80.1%), respectively. The most abundant minor components of the flower oil were α-terpineol (6.04%), β-phenylethyl alcohol (2.58%), β-pinene (2.39%), methyl 2-methylbutyrate (1.46%), geraniol (1.23%), and 1,8-cineole (1.03%). The most abundant minor components of the leaf oil were β-caryophyllene (3.0%), β-elemene (1.7%), caryophyllene oxide (1.68%), and nerolidol (1.19%).“
[Ueyama, Yoshitaka, et al. „The chemical composition of the flower oil and the leaf oil of Michelia alba DC.“ Journal of Essential Oil Research 4.1 (1992): 15-23]

„The main compounds in headspace of fresh Michelia alba flowers included α-myrcene, (S)-limonene, (R)-fenchone, linalool, camphor, caryophyllene, germacrene D, etc., a greater number of compounds than for frozen flowers and withered flowers.“
[Shang, Chunqing, et al. „Rapid determination of volatile constituents of Michelia alba flowers by gas chromatography–mass spectrometry with solid-phase microextraction.“ Journal of Chromatography A 942.1-2 (2002): 283-288]

Blume, C.L., Flora Javae nec non insularum adjacentium (1828-1851) Fl. Javae, vol.2, t.2 (1851) [A.J. Latour]

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