Pinus ponderosa P. Lawson & C. Lawson - Pinaceae
(Columbia, Rocky Mountain) ponderosa pine, western yellow pine, Gelbkiefer, Ponderosa-Kiefer

Large (up to 80m) evergreen tree, native to North America (Rocky Mountains); bark of older trees yellow to orange-red; „Ponderosa pine's five races can be identified by their characteristic bright green needles (contrasting with bluish green needles that distinguish Jeffrey pine).“

„The composition of the essential oil from the leaves of photochemical air pollution injured and healthy Pinus ponderosa trees was determined. Methyl chavicol, a product of the carbohydrate-shikimic acid metabolism, was strikingly lower in the injured trees. However, no significant differences were observed in the monoterpenoids.“ The leaf oil from South and Central California was very high in β-pinene (62-66%) and estragol (6-20%), α-pinene (11-12%), and myrcene (4-7%) but low in car-3-ene (0.2-7%).
[Effect of air pollution on the volatile oil from leaves of Pinus ponderosa., Cobb, F.W., Zavarin, E., Bergot, J., Phytochemistry, Vol.11(5), 1972, 1815-1818]

„The composition of the volatile leaf oil of Pinus ponderosa Dougl. Ex. P. Lawson was re-examined by fused silica capillary gas chromatography-ion trap mass spectroscopy. The leaf oil from Washington was high in α-and β-pinenes (9.1% and 37.9%), car-3-ene (19.3%), α-terpineol (6.2%), myrcene (4.1%) and terpinolene (3.1%). A total of 52 components were identified. This analysis is compared and contrasted with the previous analyses which reported from 8 to 17 monoterpenoids plus estragole in Ponderosa pine leaf oil.“
[A re‐examination of the volatile leaf oils of Pinus ponderosa Dougl. ex. P. Lawson using ion trap mass spectroscopy., Adams, R.P., Edmunds, G.F., Flavour and fragrance journal, Vol.4(1), 1989, 19-23]

Sargent, C.S., The Silva of North America, vol. 11: t. 561 (1898) [C.E. Faxon]

Daniel Mosquin: bark of Ponderosa pine up close

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