Ligustrum vulagre L. - syn.Ligustrum insulare Decne. - Oleaceae
common privet, European privet, Liguster

Semi-evergreen or deciduous shrub, up to 3m high; native to Europe, Southwest Asia, and North Africa, widely cultivated, naturalised elsewhere, invasive as an introduced plant in America and Australia; leaves opposite, ovate to lanceolate, shiny green; flowers creamy white, fragrant; fruit a glossy black berry 6-8 mm diam., seeds 1-4.

„The flowers produce a strong, pungent fragrance that many people find unpleasant.“

The headspace of the flowers contained mainly phenylacetaldehyde (17%), 1,2-dimethoxybenzene (14.5%, veratrole), and linalool (8.4%).
[The composition of the headspace from fragrant flowers: Further results., Joulain D., Flavour and Fragrance J 1987; 2: 149-155]

Ligustrum vulgare L.; Masclef, A., Atlas des plantes de France, vol.3 t.216 (1893)

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