Scrophulariaceae - common speedwell, gypsyweed, Echter Ehrenpreis

Ascending or procumbent perennial herb, 5-15cm high, native to the temperate regions of the northern hemisphere; leaves short petioled, shiny dark green, obovate or elliptic, more or minor notched; flowers very with short pedicel, pale violet to violet-blue.

The hot water extract of the dried herb is traditionally used to treat respiratory problems and digestive complaints.

The plant contains iridoid glycosides like aucubin, musseanosid, ladroside, catalpol and catalpol esters (veronicosid, minecosid, verminosid, verprosid). [Isolierung, Charakterizierung und Strukturaufklärung der Iridoidglucoside von Veronica officinalis L.(Scrophulariaceae). Afifi-Yazar, F. U., Diss. Diss. Naturwiss. ETH Zürich, Nr. 6377, 0000. Ref.: Sticher, O.; Korref.: Perlia, X., 1979]

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