Vallaris solanacea (Roth) Kuntze - syn. Peltanthera solanacea Roth; Vallaris heynei Spreng.; V. solanacea (Roth) K. Schumann - Apocynaceae - bread flower

Hairy, climbing shrub, twining, up to 10m; native to Southeast Asia (from India to Yunnan and Indonesia). „Bark dirty whitish gray; flowering branchlets, slender, grayish pubescent… Flowers fragrant; pedicel 0.5-2.5 cm. Sepals ovate or narrowly elliptic, 2-7 mm. Corolla white or pale yellow, limb 1.4-2.5 cm in diam., tube 5-10 mm, lobes rounded at apex.“

„The 5 petals are circular in shape. The flowers have an intense, interesting fragrance, a liking for which may not be universal. The smell is said to be close to that of pandan leaves… Bread flower is an essential ingredient of the ‘bunga rampai’, the decorated arrangement of finely sliced, fragrant leaves used for Malay weddings. Bread flower vine can be trained as a compact bush and is good for container culture.“


2-acetyl-3,4-dihydro-2H-pyrrole (2-acetyl-1-pyrroline, 10%) characterizes the flower scent of V.solanacea, accompanied by isoamyl acetate (4%), isoamyl alcohol (14%), germacrene D (27%) and methyl salicylate (5%).
[Meaningful Scents around the World, Roman Kaiser, Zürich 2006, pp. 177 and 268]

„Traditionally, the milky latex of V. solanacea can be applied to treat ringworm and other skininfections, including sores, cuts and wounds. From leaves and seeds of V. solanacea, cardiac glycosides, fatty acids and triterpenes have been isolated. From the root bark, essential oils have been identified. Leaves and barks of V. solanacea have been reported to possess anticancer, antimicrobial, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-diarrhoeal and cardiotonic properties, and display toxicity to brine shrimp but not to rats.“
[Botany, uses, phytochemistry and pharmacology of Vallaris: A short review. Siu Kuin Wong, Eric Wei Chiang Chan. Pharmacognosy Journal, Vol.5 (5), 2013, 242-246]

Bread flower in Sanjeevaiah Park, Hyderabad, India; author: J.M.Garg source: wikimedia CC BY 3.0

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