Turbina corymbosa (L.) Raf. - syn.Rivea corymbosa (L.) Hallier f.; Convolvulus corymbosus L.; Ipomoea corymbosa (L.) Roth; Ipomoea burmanni Choisy - Convolvulaceae
ololiúqui (Nahuatl), Christmas vine, Christmaspops, snakeplant

Perennial woody vine, native to Central and South America, naturalized in Florida and the Pacific Islands; leaves cordate, slender petioled; flowers trumpet shaped, white with a red or purple throat and green or greenish gray radiating stripes.

The psychotomimetic active principles of the ancient aztec drug «Ololiuqui» have been found to be alkaloids of the ergot type. Three of the components could be crystallized and identified by A.Hofmann in 1960, i.e. ergine (lysergic acid amide, LSA), isoergine (isolysergic acid amide) and chanoclavin. The same alkaloids were found in the seeds of the related convolvulaceous vine Ipomoea tricolor Cav.
[Isolierung von Lysergsäure-Alkaloiden aus der mexikanischen Zauberdroge Ololiuqui (Rivea corymbosa (L.) Hall. f.)., Hofmann, A., Tscherter, H., Experientia, 16(9), 1960, 414-414]

 ergine ergine (lysergic acid amide, LSA)

„I. corymbosa (Rivea corymbosa) is known by psychomimetic active principles of its seeds, the ancient Aztec drug „ololiuqui“. In the seeds of this species were found alkaloids of the ergot type, such as, D-lysergic acid amide or LSA, also called ergine, as the major component in ololiuqui seeds as well as, the following minor alkaloids: chanoclavine I, elymoclavine, D-isolysergic acid amide also called erginine or isoergine and lysergol. LSA or ergine is a close analogue of best-know syntetic LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide). Hallucinogenic activity of LSA occurs with 2-5 mg, while LSD occurs at the microgram level. Elymoclavine, erginine and lysergol are also known to be psychoactive in humans.“
[Review of the genus Ipomoea: traditional uses, chemistry and biological activities., Meira, M., Silva, E.P.D., David, J.M., David, J.P., Revista Brasileira de Farmacognosia, Vol.22(3), 2012, 682-713 and literature cited therein]

Turbina corymbosa as Ipomoea cymosa, Edwards’s Botanical Register, vol.29 t.24 (1843) [S.A.Drake]


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