Trifolium alpinum L. - Fabaceae - Alpine clover, Westalpen-Klee

Taprootet perennial herb, native from the Alps to the Massif central and Pyrenees at elevations between 1700 and 2500m; taproot up to 1m long; stems short; leaves with three leaflets up to 5cm long; inflorescences with 3-12 fragrant flowers, petals pink to scarlet.

 2-aminobenzaldehyde 2-aminobenzaldehyde

The characteristic flower scent is dominated by 2-aminobenzaldehyde (headspace: 19.0%, orange flower-like with a green kick) and contributes much to environmental scents of High Alp regions.
[Scent of a vanishing flora, Roman Kaiser, 2011, 21]

Seboth, J., Graf, F., Die Alpenpflanzen nach der Natur gemalt, vol.4, t.67 (1839)

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