Lamiaceae - wood germander, wood sage, Salbei-Gamander

Subshrub, native to Europe, 30-50cm high; leaves entire, wrinkled, notched, petioled, cordate; flowers yellow-green.

„Wood sage was once popular in the treatment of bronchitis.“ [MPW]

„Sometimes similar used like sage in wound treatment… Sage germander is used as an active ingredient in homeopathic medicines.“

„From the aerial part of Teucrium scorodonia (Labiatae) three new neo-clerodane diterpenoids have been isolated. Their structures, (12S)-15,16-epoxy-2α-hydroxy-19-nor-neo-clerodane-4,6,13(16),14-tetraene-18,6:20,12-diolide (2-hydroxyteuscorolide), (12S,18R)-15,16-epoxy-6-keto-neo-clerodane-13(16),14-dien-20,12-olide-18,19-hemiacetal (teuscorodin) and (12S)-15,16-epoxy-19-hydroxy-neo-clerodane-3,13(16),14-triene-18,6β:20,12-diolide (teuscorodonin), have been established by chemical and spectroscopic means and by correlation with known products.“
[Teuscorodin, teuscorodonin and 2-hydroxyteuscorolide, neo-clerodane diterpenoids from Teucrium scorodonia. Marco, José L., et al. Phytochemistry, Vol.22 (3), 1983, 727-731]

„The essential oil of the flowering aerial parts of Teucrium scorodonia L. ssp. scorodonia growing in Italy on Verrucano, was analyzed by GC and GC-MS. All the identified compounds were sesquiterpene hydrocarbons. The main ones were germacrene B (26.2%) and β-caryophyllene (25.2%).“
[Essential oil of Teucrium scorodonia L. ssp. scorodonia from Italy. Maccioni, S., Baldini, R., Tebano, M., Cioni, P. L., Flamini, G., Food chemistry, Vol.104(4), 2007, 1393-1395]

Teucrium scorodonia L., Christiaan Sepp, Flora Batava, Volume 1 (1800) CC0 (PD)

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