Tagetes filifolia Lag. - syn.Tagetes anisata Lillo; Tagetes foeniculacea Poepp. ex DC. - Asteraceae
Irish lace marigold, liquorice herb, anisillo (span.), Lakritz-Tagetes

Annual herb, up to 50cm high, native to Central and South America.

„The essential oil from the aerial parts of Tagetes filifolia Lag. (Asteraceae) from Cusco Department, Perú, was obtained by hydrodistillation in 0.47% (v/w) yield related to dry weight. By GC-MS analysis 57 compounds, accounting for 99.2% of the oil, were identified. Phenylpropanoids constitute the great majority of the oil, with cis-anethole (68.2%) and estragole (13.7%) as main constituents.“
[Composition of the essential oil of Tagetes filifolia Lag. De Feo, V., Della Porta, G., Urrunaga Soria, E., Urrunaga Soria, R., & Senatore, F., Flavour and fragrance journal, Vol.13(3), 1998, 145-147]

estragole (methyl chavicol)

„The essential oils of Tagetes filifolia have potential for controlling insects that are biotransmitters of virus in plants. The objective of the present study was to evaluate the composition of the essential oil of 78 accessions of T. filifolia of the south-central region of México, established in Chapingo, México… The principal components of the oil were 4-allylanisole (estragole) and trans-anethole (4-propenylanisole), individually or in mixture: 1.3% of the accessions only with anethole, 7.7% of the accessions only with allylanisole and 91% of accessions with mixture.“
[Composición del aceite esencial en germoplasma de Tagetes filifolia Lag. de la Región centro-sur de México. Serrato-Cruz, M. Á., Díaz-Cedillo, F., & Barajas-Pérez, J. S., Agrociencia, Vol.42(3), 2008, 277-285]

The dried leaves are used traditionally in Peru against stomach ache and intestinal pain or discomfort.
[A survey of traditional medicinal plants from the Callejón de Huaylas, Department of Ancash, Perú. Hammond, G. B., Fernández, I. D., Villegas, L. F., & Vaisberg, A. J., Journal of Ethnopharmacology, Vol.61(1), 1998, 17-30]

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