Stellaria media (L.) Vill. - syn. Alsine media L. - Caryophyllaceae
(common) chickweed, Vogelmiere, Vogel-Sternmiere

Small herb, up to 30cm high, native to Europe and temperate Asia, naturalized worldwide; whole plant bright green; lower leaves petioled; sepals 2-5mm long, broad lanceolate; petals nearly as long as sepals or a few shorter, white; anthers mostly red-violet; seeds globose, 1mm, reddish-brown.
var. media: annual or biennial; leaves 1.5-2.5cm; sepals ca.4 mm; petals shorter than sepals
var. micrantha: perennial; leaves 0.8-1cm; sepals 2-2.5 mm; petals subequaling sepals

The fresh plant (Herba Alsines) is formerly externally used in folk medicine to treat skin problems, ekzema, haemorrhoids, and rheumatism.
[Hagers Handbuch der Pharmazeutischen Praxis, Springer 2010]

„Stellaria media is a weed of Indian subcontinent and can be used as various kinds of skin, metabolic and gastrointestinal disorders.“
[Pharmacognostic Study of the Stellaria media Roots., Shruti, S. et al., Inventi Rapid: Planta Activa, 2012] contained 12.0mg/g flavonoids, 18.0mg/g tannins and 23.8mg/g saponins.
[Secondary Metabolites, Antioxidant Status and Nutritive Composition of Two Non-Conventional Leafy Vegetables-Stellaria media L. and Chenopodium album L., Salam, J.S., Joylani, S.D., Rebika, N.D., Priyadarshini, S., Indian Journal of Agricultural Biochemistry, Vol.24(2), 2011, 136-140]

English Botany, or Coloured Figures of British Plants, ed. 3 [B] [J.E. Sowerby et al], vol. 2: t. 229 (1864)

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