Smilax aristolochifolia Mill. - syn.Smilax milleri Steud.; Smilax medica Schltdl. et Cham.; Liliaceae
Mexican sarsaparilla, wild liquorice, Osterluzeiblättrige Stechwinde, Mexikanischer Sarsaparill, Veracruz-Sarsaparill

Perennial woody climber, native to Central America - Belize, Guatemala, Mexico.

„Its roots are extracted to be used in flavoring beverages, dairy desserts, baked goods and candies. Sarsaparilla was once a main ingredient for flavoring root beer. However, the taste of the root extract itself is sweet and bitter.“

„In Mexican traditional medicine, Smilax aristolochiaefolia (Liliaceae), is empirically used against tumors, leprosy, anemia and as a tonic.“


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