Ruta graveolens L. - Rutaceae - rue, herb of grace, Weinraute

Subshrub native to Southeast Europe, 30-50cm high; leaves glabrous, glaucous; petals yellow, 4 or 5.

„The leaves of rue were character spice of the ancient Roman cuisine. For a handed down recipe see Moretum (herb cheese). The leaves have an intense flavor, so it must be used sparingly; they are recommended to various meat dishes, eggs, fish and cheese spreads, salad, gravy, biscuits and herb butter.“

„The essential oil of aerial parts of Ruta graveolens was obtained by hydrodistillation with a 0.74% yield on a dry weight basis. Thirty-eight components were identified by GC and GC–MS analyses. 2-Ketones predominated in the essential oil, with 2-undecanone (46.8%) and nonan-2-one (18.8%) as the main constituents.“
[Potential allelochemicals from the essential oil of Ruta graveolens. V.De Feo, F. De Simone, F. Senatore, Phytochemistry, Vol.61 (5), 2002, 573–578]

„Three linear furanocoumarins, psoralen, xanthotoxin, and bergapten, were localized histologically in Ruta graveolens shoots. The highest amounts were present in the epidermis, lesser amounts in the parenchyma cells, and only traces in the glands… Localization of a substantial portion of these linear furanocoumarins on the surface is a factor in the propensity of this species to induce photophytodermatitis.“
[Histological localization of furanocoumarins in Ruta graveolens shoots. Alicja M. Zobel, Stewart A. Brown. Canadian Journal of Botany, Vol.67(3), 1989, 915-921]

„When psoralens from rue come in contact with human skin that is subsequently exposed to ultraviolet A light, an impressive photoirritant reaction can occur. This report both clarifies the distinguishing features of photoirritant reactions versus photoallergic reactions and reviews the pathophysiology and clinical presentation of phytophotodermatitis. R. graveolens can be associated with an impressive photoirritant reaction and should not be used as an insect repellent.“
[Rue the herb: Ruta graveolens–associated phytophototoxicity. Eickhorst, K; Deleo, V; Csaposs, J. Dermatitis, Vol.18 (1), 2007, 52–55]

Thomé, O.W., Flora von Deutschland Österreich und der Schweiz, Tafeln, vol.3, t.322 (1885)

Ruta graveolens
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