Rubus odoratus L. - Rosaceae - flowering raspberry, purple-flowering raspberry, thimbleberry, Zimt-Himbeere

Deciduous shrub, up to 2m tall, native of Eastern North America; cultivated as ornamental.

„One of the best of the ornamental raspberries because of its rose-like, fragrant, 2" wide, rose-purple flowers which appear over a long summer bloom period and its palmate, 5-lobed, maple-like, medium green leaves (4-10" wide). This shrub has hairy stems but virtually no prickles. Flowers give way to 3/4" diameter, cup-shaped red fruits (raspberries) which are edible but somewhat dry, crumbly and unappetizing. Sometimes commonly called thimbleberry (though this common name is usually more appropriate for the similar but white-flowered Rubus parviflorus of the West).“

Audubon,J.J., Birds of America [double elephant folio edition], t.123 (1826-1838)

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