Polygonatum multiflorum (L.) All. - syn.Convallaria multiflora L. - Asparagaceae (Liliaceae)
Solomon's seal, Lily of the Mountain, Vielblütige Weißwurz, Vielblütiges Salomonssiegel

Perennial herb, up to 90cm high, native to Europe and adjacent Asia, cultivated; leaves alternate, up to 10cm long, oblong-ovate, sessile; flowers tubular, pendent, 1.5-2cm long, white green-tipped, fragrant.

„It is valued in cultivation for its ability to colonise shady areas, and is suitable for a woodland style planting… The specific epithet multiflorum means 'many-flowered'“

Azetidine-2-carboxylic acid (ACA) is a potent toxin that could be incorporated into proteins in place of proline leading to protein dysfunction. „40 g of ACA was isolated from 40 lb. of fresh rhizomes of P. multiflorum (approximate content was 2.20 mg/g of fresh rhizome). Considering the loss during isolation and residual water in fresh rhizomes, actual ACA content in dried rhizomes of P. multiflorum may be close to our calculation.“
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