Piper fulvescens C.DC. - Piperaceae
yaguarundi (span., Paraguay)

Evergreen shrub, 1-1.5m high, nativer to Paraguay; laeves ovate, heart-shaped at the base; flowers white.

„The essential oil from the leaves of the aromatic aniseed smelling plant Piper fulvescens, obtained by hydrodistillation, was investigated by GC and GC–MS, as well as by 13C-NMR after fractionation of the oil by column chromatography. A total of 37 constituents, representing 78.2% of the oil were identified. The main compounds were trans-anethole (26.4%) and ishwarane (12.1%), an unusual sesquiterpene hydrocarbon.“
[Chemical composition of the essential oil from the leaves of Piper fulvescens, a plant traditionally used in Paraguay. Vila, Roser, et al. Journal of ethnopharmacology, Vol.76.1, 2001, 105-107]

„Activity-guided fractionation of the dichloromethane extract from leaves of Piper fulvescens, using an agar overlay bioautographic method, led to the isolation of three antifungal neolignans identified as conocarpan, eupomatenoid 5 and eupomatenoid 6. The minimal inhibitory concentration of these three neolignans against five fungi strains were determined. Conocarpan showed the widest activity, whereas eupomatenoid 6 was the most active against dermatophytes.“
[Antifungal principles from Piper fulvescens. Freixa B, Vila R, Ferro EA, Adzet T, Cañigueral S., Planta Med. Vol.67(9), 2001, 873-5]

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