Physalis pruinosa L. - syn. Physalis maxima Mill. - Solanaceae
ground cherry, strawberry tomato, dwarf Cape gooseberry, Ananaskirsche, Erdbeertomate, Erdkirsche

Annual herb, 40-70(-140)cm tall, native to Central america, naturalized and cultivated elsewhere; branchlets glandular-pubescent; leaves alternate, ovate to elliptic, up to 12cm long, base corate with equal or unequal sides; flowers solitary, axillary, corolla campanulate, 10-15mm across, pale yellow or greenish-yellow; fruiting pedicels drooping; berries globos or globose-oblong, 1-2cm across, green turning yellow-orange covered in thin, papery husks.

„An heirloom grown by the Pennsylvania Dutch since the early 1800s, ground cherry is prized for its sweet flavor with citrus overtones, described by some as #reminiscent of pineapple and brown sugar'. For jams, sauces and pies or added fresh to fruit salad. Berry sized fruits are encased in papery husks and store for 3 weeks or more.“

„The name “ground cherry” comes from the fact that you harvest the fallen fruit from the ground… The fruit may look much like a golden cherry tomato, but is much sweeter: some people say it tastes like a cross between a tomato and a pineapple… ‘Aunt Molly’s’, ‘Cossack Pineapple’ and ‘Golden Husk’ are among the more common varieties available, but most ground cherry seeds sold have no cultivar name.“

The genome of this plant has been edited (CRISPR–Cas9) „…to mutate orthologues of tomato domestication and improvement genes that control plant architecture, flower production and fruit size…“
[Lemmon, Zachary H., et al. „Rapid improvement of domestication traits in an orphan crop by genome editing.“ Nature plants 4.10 (2018): 766]
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Physalis pruinosa L. as Alkekengi indicum glabrum, Chenopodii folio
Dillenius, J.J., Hortus Elthamensis, vol.1 p.14A, t.12, fig.12 (1732)

Ground cherry (Physalis pruinosa), © Larry Hodgson

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