Passiflora alata Curtis - Passifloraceae - winged-stem passion flower

Evergreen vine, native to the Amazon (Peru to eastern Brazil).

„The local peoples refer to it as ouvaca, meaning „red star“ due to the appearance of its flower. Other names include fragrant grenadilla, and maracuja de refresco. The specific epithet alata means „winged“, referring to the 4-winged stems.“

GC-MS analysis of the flower scent: „This fragrance consists primarily of terpenoids (81.8%), benzenoids and phenylpropanoids (7.9%) and aliphatic compounds (7.6%). Linalool (40.2%) and citronellol (22.4%) were the main constituents of fragrance. Olfactive description: rich and very interesting mix of white flower, fresh rose and very powerful citrus fruity notes and sub notes of honey with a creamy velvet undertone. This was a very elegant fragrance which cached our attention for further research.“
[Montero, Daniel AV, et al. „Floral scent of brazilian Passiflora: five species analised by dynamic headspace.“ Anais da Academia Brasileira de Ciências 88.3 (2016): 1191-1200]

Passiflora alata; Curtis, W., et al., Botanical Magazine (Curtis), vol. 2: t. 66 (1788)

„Passiflora alata i parken Terra Nostra, Furnas, Azorerna.“
CC BY-SA 3.0, Author: C T Johansson

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