Mimusops elengi L. - Sapotaceae - medlar , Spanish cherry, bullet wood พิกุล (thai), bakula ಬಕುಲ (ranja)

Evergreen tree, native in tropical forests of Southern and Southeast Asia and northern Australia, naturalized and cultivated in tropics; leaves alternate, broadly ovate; flowers creamish white, fragrant, 15mm in diam.; fruit edible, ovoid, 2.5-4cm long, pubescent when young, smooth and bright red-orange when ripe.
„The wood is used for building purposes, piles, bridges, agricultural implements and oil mills. The fruit is eaten; it is sometimes used for making preserves and pickles. The caducous corollas are used for making fragrant garlands. The bark is astringent and tonic and is used in diarrhoea and dysentry. A decoction of bark is used for gargle.“

„The headspace and solvent extract of the flowers of Mimusops elengi L. were analyzed by capillary GC and GC/MS.A total of 74 compounds were identified, of which the major chemical classes were aromatic alcohols and esters derived from the phenylpropanoid metabolism. Headspace analysis showed 2-phenylethanol (37.80%), methyl benzoate (13.40%), p-methylanisole (9.94%) and 2-phenylethyl acetate (7.16%) as most abundant, whereas in the solvent extract 2-phenylethanol (38.79%), (E)-cinnamyl alcohol (13.72%) and 3-hydroxy-4-phenyl-2-butanone (4.74%) were dominant.“
[Volatile components of Mimusops elengi L. flowers., Wong, K.C., Teng, Y.E., Journal of Essential Oil Research, Vol.6(5), 1994, 453-458]

Roxburgh, W., Plants of the coast of Coromandel, vol.1, t.14 (1795)

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