Mertensia maritima (L.) Gray - syn. Pulmonaria maritima L. - Boraginaceae
northern shorewort, oysterplant, sea bugloss, sea lungwort, Austernpflanze, Mertensie

Perennial herb, up to 50cm tall, native to the shores of the northern hemisphere, also cultivated; leaves ovate, blue-green; flowers in leaf axils, pink changing later to blue.

(green marine oysterleaf)
(fishy oyster watermelon)
(fresh-cut watermelon)

„Oyster leaf (Mertensia maritima) has a weak odor, but when scratched, it has first a green, slightly mushroom odor, followed by some surprising marine, oyster-like notes. When eaten, the retronasal aroma is extremely reminiscent of oyster. This explains why oyster leaf is also called vegetarian oyster…
The use of GC−olfactometry on both polar and nonpolar columns allowed the detection of the molecules having an oyster-like, marine odor. Four compounds were identified and confirmed by synthesis: (Z)-3-nonenal, (Z)-1,5-octadien-3-ol, (Z,Z)-3,6-nonadienal, and (Z)-1,5-octadien-3-one. After evaluation of freshly prepared reference samples, these compounds were confirmed to be reminiscent of the oyster-like marine notes perceived in the tasting of cut leaves.“
[Volatile Composition of Oyster Leaf (Mertensia maritima (L.) Gray)., Delort, E., Jaquier, A., Chapuis, C., Rubin, M., Starkenmann, C., Journal of agricultural and food chemistry, 60(47), 2012, 11681-11690]

Lindman, C.A.M., Bilder ur Nordens Flora, vol.3 t.580 (1922-1926) m

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