Marrubium alysson L. - Lamiaceae - Hashisha Rabiah (arab.)

Perennial herb, up ti 40cm high, to the Mediterranean.

„Marrubium alysson (Labiatae) is a common plant in Egypt, and is native in the Mediterranean coastal strip from El-Sallum to Rafah and also in the Sinai desert. Its Arabic name is „Hashisha Rabiah“ and is used in the form of a decoction as a remedy for asthma and as a diuretic. In North Africa, the tops are used as a flavouring agent… Air-dried aerial parts of the M. alysson (1.5 kg) were extracted with methanol at room temperature for 3 days… Premarrubiin (3.2 mg), marrubiin (4.5 g, 0.3%) and marrubenol (22 mg) were isolated and identified… The assay showed a strong inhibiting effect of M. alysson total EtOAc extract on α-glucosidase (88.78% inhibition of the enzyme activity at 50 μg/mL with IC 50 : 8.36±0.0019μg/mL), significantly higher than that of the well known synthetic α-glucosidase inhibitor, acarbose (Positive drug-control, 54.98% inhibition at 250 μg/mL with IC 50 : 64.14±0.0033μM).“
[Marrubiin: a potent α-glucosidase inhibitor from Marrubium alysson. El-Mohsen, M. A., Rabeh, M. A., El-Hefnawi, M., Abou-Setta, L., Elgarf, I., El-Rashedy, A., Hussein, A. A., International Journal of Applied Research in Natural Products, Vol.7(1), 2014, 21-27]

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