Magnolia × soulangeana - syn. Magnolia lennei Van Houtte - Magnoliaceae - saucer magnolia, Tulpen-Magnolie

Small tee, one of the most commonly planted magnolias in horticulture; flowers showy, colored in various shades of white to pink and crimson, emerging before the leaves inspring.

„L'hybride Magnolia × soulangeana a été créé en 1820 par le botaniste français Étienne Soulange-Bodin (1774-1846), officier de cavalerie de l'armée Napoléonienne à la retraite dans son château de Fromont près de Paris.“ „He crossed Magnolia denudata with M. liliiflora in 1820, and was impressed with the resulting progeny's first precocious flowering in 1826.“

(warm herbal)
(citrus floral)

„… volatile organic compounds (VOCs), flower VOCs from Magnolia soulangeana, Magnolia liliflora, Magnolia denudata ’Feihuang’, and Michelia maudiae were collected using the dynamic headspace air-circulation method and analyzed with thermal desorption system-gas chromatography/ mass spectrometry (TDS-GC-MS). Results showed that the major compositions were as follows: Magnolia soulangeana emitted 15 types of terpenoids, mainly as cis-ocimene (relative content of 27.59%), β-pinene (14.43%), and linalool (12.90%), accounting for 92.60% of total VOCs; Magnolia liliflora emitted 22 types of terpenoids as myrcene (21.98%), selinene (10.16%), and limonene (8.12%), comprising 71.72% of the total VOCs; Magnolia denudata ’Feihuang’ emitted perillene (62.46%), cis-linalool oxide (9.56%), and cis-verbenone (7.54%) making a total of 79.6%; and Michelia maudiae chiefly emitted methyl benzoate (65.31%).“
[Ding, Q. Q., Wu, X. B., Liu, F., Xu, G. P., Zheng, J., & Gao, Y., Volatile organic compounds in flowers of four Magnoliaceae species. J Zhejiang Univ, Vol.30(4), 2013, 478-483]

Witte, H., Flora. Afbeeldingen en beschrijvingen van boomen, heesters, éénjarige planten, enz., voorkomende in de Nederlandsche tuinen, p.57, t.15 (1868) [A.J.Wendel]

Magnolia × soulangeana, © Andreas Kraska CC BY-SA 3.0

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