Lophocolea heterophylla (Schrad.) Dumort. - syn.Lophocolea minor Nees; Jungermannia heterophylla Schrad. - Lophocoleaceae
variable-leaved crestwort, Verschiedenblättriges Kammkelchmoos

Translucent liverwort, native to the northern hemisphere, aromatic (strong and distinct mossy); shoots 2mm wide, up to 3cm long, occasionally branched; leaves 0.5-1mm long.

2-methylisoborneol (R)-(-)-2-methylisoborneol (earthy, mold-like)

„From the n-hexane extract of the liverwort Lophocolea heterophylla the fragrant principle has been isolated and identified as (−)-2-methylisoborneol by spectral data and synthesis.“
[Toyota, Masao, Yoshinori Asakawa, and Jan-Teter Frahm. „Homomono-and sesquiterpenoids from the liverwort Lophocolea heterophylla.“ Phytochemistry 29.7 (1990): 2334-2337]

Lophocolea heterophylla, Teufelsmoor near Horst (Germany)
photo by Kristian Peters, Wikimedia Commons CC BY-SA 3.0

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