Lophocolea bidentata (L.) Dum. - syn.Jungermannia bidentata L. - Lophocoleaceae
bifid crestwort, Zweizähniges Kammkelchmoos

(Lophocolea cuspidata = Lophocolea bidentata fo. cuspidata Nees)

Translucent, pale green liverwort, native to the northern hemisphere, aromatic (strong and distinct mossy); leaves conspicuously bilobed; shoots 2-4mm wide, up to 3cm long; underleaves also bilobed, with an additional lateral tooth on each side.
[Lophocolea bidentata, BBS Field Guide online]

 (+)-(4S,4aS,5R,8aS)-trans-4,8a-dimethyl-4a,5-epoxy-decalin (+)-(4S,4aS,5R,8aS)-trans-4,8a-dimethyl-4a,5-epoxy-decalin

This liverwort contains an (-)-geosmin related epoxy-trinoreudesmane sesquiterpene, (+)-(4S,4aS,5R,8aS)-trans-4,8a-dimethyl-4a,5-epoxy-decalin as odor impact compound.
[An epoxy-trinoreudesmane sesquiterpene from the liverwort Lophocolea bidentata., Rieck, A., Bülow, N., König, W.A., Phytochemistry, 40(3), 1995, 847-851]

Lophocolea bidentata, author: HermannSchachner, PD (CC0),_144736-474750)_9650.JPG

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