Lonicera fragrantissima Lindl. & Paxton - Caprifoliaceae - winter honeysuckle, fragrant honeysuckle, Wohlriechende Heckenkirsche, Duft-Heckenkirsche, Winter-Geißblatt

Stiff-branched, deciduous shrub, 1-2m tall, nativ to China; flowers extremely fragrant, creamy white.
Leaves ovate, 1-4.5 cm wide (var. fragrantissima) to lanceolate, 1-2 cm wide (var. lancifolia).

„GC and GC-MS analyses of two diethyl ether extracts of Lonicera fragrantissima flowers (extraction times 1 and 20 days) enabled the identification of 61 components that represented ca. 90% of the extract volatiles. 10-Nonacosanol (18.1-24.1%), nonacosane (14.4-15.0%) and the rather rare long-chained fatty acid hexyl esters (octadecanoate, eicosanoate, docosanoate, tetracosanoate, hexacosanoate, octacosanoate and triacontanoate, in total 19.1-19.5%) were among the main constituents of both extracts. However, a number of differences were observed in the chemical composition of the 1 and 20 day extracts, the relative percentage of the iridoid loganetin being the most striking (19.1 and 2.1%, respectively).“
[Composition of diethyl ether flower extracts of Lonicera fragrantissima Lindl. & Paxton (caprifoliaceae)., Radulović, N., Blagojević, P., Palić, R., Natural product communications, Vol.4(11), 2009, 1581-1584]

Addisonia, vol. 10: t. 341 (1925) [M.E. Eaton]

Lonicera fragrantissima
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