Juniperus chinensis L. - Cupressaceae - 圆柏 yuan bai (chin.), Chinese Juniper, Chinesischer Wacholder

Dioecious shrub or trees, up to 25m tall, native to East Asia (China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Myanmar, East Russia); needlelike leaves present on both young and adult plants, (3-)6-12 mm long; scalelike leaves present on adult plants, 1.5-3 mm long, abaxial gland near center; seed cones glaucous blue, brown when ripe.

Cedrol (72.9%), thujopsene (11.6%), widdrol (6.0%), and cuparene (4.3%) were main components of J.chinensis wood oil.
[Pilo, C., & Runeberg, J. (1960). The chemistry of the natural order Cupressales. XXV. Heartwood constituents of Juniperus chinensis L. Acta Chemica Scandinavica, 14(2), 353-8]

 bornyl acetate
bornyl acetate

Many cultivars have been introduced in horticulture, so perhaps J.chinensis is the most popular ornamental tree or shrub in gardens and parks worldwide. The volatile oil of the leaves is dominated by sabinene (13-43%) and ethyl acetate (13-20%), with cultivar-depending amounts of α-pinene (1-22%), limonene (1-14%), myrcene, terpineole, bornyl acetate and cedrol.
[Comparison of the Volatile Leaf Oils of Juniperus chinensis L., J. chinensis var. kaizuca Hort. and cv. pyramidalis from China. Adams, R. P., Ge-lin, C., Shao-Zhen, Z., Journal of Essential Oil Research, Vol.6(2), 1994, 149-154]

The acaricidal component of J.chinensis leaves oil was identified as bornyl acetate, with an LD50 of bornyl acetate (2.94 μg/cm2) against D. farinae significantly lower than those of DEET (37.13 μg/cm2) and α-eudesmol (29.72 μg/cm2).
[Acaricidal activities of major constituents of essential oil of Juniperus chinensis leaves against house dust and stored food mites. Lee, C. H., Park, J. M., Song, H. Y., Jeong, E. Y., Lee, H. S., Journal of Food Protection®, Vol.72(8), 2009, 1686-1691]

Dallimore,W., Bruce,A., A handbook of Coniferae, p.238, fig.51 (1923) [G.Lister]

Chinese juniper juvenile and adult leaves, Author: User:SB Johnny, wikimedia commons CC BY-SA 3.0

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