Juniperus ashei J. Buchholz - syn.Juniperus sabinoides (Kunth) Nees; Juniperus mexicana Spreng. - Cupressaceae
Ashe's juniper, mountain cedar, Mexican cedar

Dioecious tree, up to 15m tall, native to Northern America.
„Ashe juniper is a source of Texas-cedarwood oil and fence posts.“

„Drought-tolerant evergreen shrub or small tree, native to northeastern Mexico and the south-central United States north to southern Missouri; the largest areas are in central Texas, where extensive stands occur.“

Main components of the steam distilled oil from the wood of J.ashei (4.0-4.9%) were thujopsene (60.4%), and α-cedrol (19.0%), accompanied by cuparene (2.8%), α-cedrene (1.8%), β-cedrene (1.6%), and widdrol (1.1%).
[Investigation of Juniperus species of the United States for new Sources of Cedarwood Oil., Adams, R.P., Economic Botany, 41(1), 1987, 48-54]


The volatile wood oil of J.ashei („Texas cedarwood oil“) contained α-cedrene (30%), thujopsene (25%), β-cedrene (5%), α-cedrol (19%), widdrol (1%), cuparene (1%), and α-bisabolol (0.4%).
[Adams, R. P. „Cedar wood oil - Analyses and properties.“ Essential oils and waxes. Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 1991, 159-173]

Main components of J.ashei (Texas) heartwood solvent extracts were α-cedrol (44%) and thujopsene (34.8%), accompanied by widdrol, α-cedrene, and β-cedrene.
[Antifungal activity of heartwood extracts from three Juniperus species., Tumen, I., Eller, F.J., Clausen, C.A., Teel, J.A., BioResources, 8(1), 2012, 12-20]

In typical high volume trade oils, some of the early boiling monoterpene hydrocarbons, like α-pinene, have been fractioned out.
[Milchard, M. J., et al. „Application of gas-liquid chromatography to the analysis of essential oils.“ Perfumer & Flavorist 35.6 (2010): 34-40]

Juniperus ashei as Juniperus sabinoides
Sargent, C.S., The Silva of North America, vol. 10: t. 523 (1898) [C.E. Faxon]

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