Juglans cinerea L. - Juglandaceae - butternut, white walnut, Butternuß, Butternussbaum

Deciduous tree up to 20m tall, native to eastern North America; leaves odd pinnate, oval; male flowers in drooping catkins, small, yellow-green; female flowers in terminal spikes, with pink stigma.
„Nuts mature in fall. Nut shells can be hard to crack and the kernels are often small. But the kernels are sweet, oily and tasty, having a buttery flavor as per the common name.“

„The fruit is a nut, produced in bunches of 2-6 together; the nut is oblong-ovoid, 3-6 cm long and 2-4 cm broad, surrounded by a green husk before maturity in mid autumn… The nuts are eaten by humans and animals.The nuts are usually used in baking and making candies, having an oily texture and pleasant flavor.“

Plantarum indigenarum et exoticarum Icones ad vivum coloratae, vol.3 t.34 (1790)

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