Jasminum officinale L. - common jasmine, poet's jasmine, jasmin, (Echter) Jasmin

Twining deciduous shrub, native to western Asia, commonly cultivated and naturalized; leaves opposite, imparipinnate; flowers white, with heavy sweet scent.

„The essential oil of Jasminum officinale is used in aromatherapy. Jasmine absolute is known as the 'King of Oils', and its heavy, sweet scent is loved by most people. The flowers release their perfume at dusk, so flowers are picked at night and a tiny amount of oil is obtained by solvent extraction. The result is a very expensive oil, but it can be used in low concentrations so it is not that uneconomic to use it in products.“

„The perennial jasmine plants that grow outside in warm regions are grown inside as greenhouse plants in northern climates. Poet's jasmine is much more cold tolerant than royal jasmine, and cultivated jasmine plants are usually grafted onto poet's jasmine rootstocks.“

Jasminum officinale L.; Step, E., Bois, D., Favourite flowers of garden and greenhouse, vol.3 t.177 (1896-1897) [D.G.J.M. Bois]

Jasminum officinale, Palmenhaus Schönbrunn © Rolf Marschner (2020)

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