Hoya sussuela (Roxb.) Merr. - syn.Hoya lauterbachii K.Schum.; Asclepias sussuela Roxb. - Apocynaceae
unda namdanga (kamea)

Slender vine, native to Papua New Guinea and other parts of Malesia; leaves fleshy, up to 9cm long; corolla stiff and leathery, about 45mm diam., maroon colored, fragrant.

From the flowers emanate a cocoa and dark chocolate scent, „combined in a discrete aromatic-floral frame… the main constituent (-)-(R)-1-methylbutyl benzoate, representing 87% of the volatiles, forms the basis of this unique scent, accompnaied by a great number of olfactorily and structurally interesting minor compounds such as 1-methylbutyl nicotate (0.3%) or 1-methylbutyl cinnamate (0.02%).“
[Meaningful Scents around the World, Roman Kaiser, Zürich 2006, 78-79]

Leaves and Flowers. Copyright CSIRO

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