Houlletia odoratissima Linden ex Lindl. & Paxton - syn.Houlletia picta Linden & Rchb.f. - Orchidaceae

Orchid, native to Peru and Bolivia.

„Plants are found in the wet montane forest of Panama, Guyana, Surinam, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Brazil at elevations of 1000 to 1500 meters… blooms in the fall with five to twelve 7.5 cm wide flowers.“

Main components of the strong flower scent of H.odoratissima are 7,11-epoxymegastigma-5(6)-en-9-one (79%) and β-ionone (10.4%), accompanied by (E,E)-pseudoionone, dihydro-β-ionone, and (E)-geranylacetone.
[R.Kaiser, The scent of orchids, Basel 1993, 92 and 226] see also [R.Kaiser, Scent of the Vanishing Flora, Zurich 2011, 234]


„L'Illustration horticole“. Revue mensuelle des serres et des jardins by Éduard André (editor) and published by Jean Jules Linden, Gand, 1854-1871, vol.17 pl.12 ( Public Domain

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