Helenium aromaticum (Hook.) L.H.Bailey - syn. Cephalaphora aromatica Schrader; Graemia aromatica Hook. - Asteraceae -
Manzanilla del cerro, Manzanilla del campo (span.), pineapple helenium

Native herb of Chile.

The plant smells like green apple when touched… Seeds are traded with names like Ananasblume (pineapple flower), Apfelduftpflanze (apple scented plant), Gummibärchenpflanze (gum bear plant).

„The flavour composition of dried flowers of Manzanilla de la Montaña (Helenium aromaticum syn. Cephalophora aromatica) was investigated by means of gaschromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS). The essential oil content was 0.55 ml/100g containing up to 80% esters, mainly of methyl-branched alcohols (methylbutanols, 3-methylbut-2-en-1-ol, 3-methylbut-3-en-1-ol, (E) and (Z)-2-methylbut-2-ene-1,4-diol, acyclic terpenols) with acetic and short-chain methyl-branched acids. The typical fruity flavour of this compositae can be attributed to ethyl 2-methylbutanoate and its homologes. Additionally, the ether extract of the flowers contains sesquiterpene lactones, tentatively identified as helenanolides. These pseudoguaianolides are of toxicological and pharmacological interest, especially because of their cytotoxic and antitumour activities.“
[The flavour composition of Manzanilla de la Montaña (Helenium aromaticum) from Chile. Kollmannsberger H., Lorenz M., Weinrich B., Nitz S., Advances in food sciences, Vol.20 (3-4), 1998, 122-131]

„Hydrodistilled volatile oil from the flowers of Cephalophora aromatica Schrad. (cultivated in Iran) was analysed by a combination of GC and GC–MS. Twenty-nine components were identified. The main constituents of the essential oil were 2-ethyl hexanoic acid (27.0%), n-undecane (14.1%), decane (11.4%) and geranyl tiglate (7.9%).“
[Essential oil composition of Cephalophora aromatica cultivated in Iran. Sefidkon, F. and Omidbaigi, R., Flavour Fragr. J., 2004, 19: 153–155]

Helenium aromaticum as Graemia aromatica
Hooker, W.J., Exotic Flora, vol.3 t.189 (1827)

Helenium aromaticum, Botanischer Garten Leipzig (2009)
author: Tubifex, wikimedia commons, © Public Domain

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