Hamamelis mollis Oliv. - Hamamelidaceae - Chinese witch-hazel, Chinesische Zaubernuss

Deciduous shrub or small tree, up to 8m tall, native to China, cultivated as ornamental. It is one of the two parents of the popular garden hybrid H. × intermedia (the other parent is H. japonica), which has many different cultivars.

The flowers (yellow with a red base) appear in winter (Europe, January) or spring (China, March to April) on the bare stem. They emit a sweet scent, especially in the evening.
[Blütenökologische Beobachtungen an der Chinesischen Zaubernuß (Hamamelis mollis OLIV.) Hamamelidaceae) im Botanischen Garten in Innsbruck (Österreich)., Schedl, W., Ber.Naturw.-med.Ver. Innsbruck, Vol.79, 1992, 145-152]

Addisonia, vol.7 t.229 (1922) [M.E.Eaton]

Hamamelis mollis
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Hamamelis mollis, Botanischer Garten Marburg 2015, CC BY-SA 3.0, Author: Andreas Kraska

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