Forsythia suspensa (Thunb.) Vahl - Oleaceae - 连翘 lian qiao (chin.), forsythia, (Hänge-)Forsythie

Shrub with spreading or pendulous branches, native to China; branchlets yellow-brown or gray-brown; leaves simple, ovate, serrate, sometimes 3-parted to 3-foliolate; flowers solitary or 2 to several in leaf axils, corolla yellow; fruit a ovoid to long ellipsoid capsule, 1.2-2.5cm × 0.6-1.2cm… „The fruit are used as antipyretic and antidote. The plant is ornamental.“

The hybrid Forsythia × intermedia Zabel (F. suspensa x F. viridissima) is often cultivated in Central Europe since 1833.

Anti-inflammatory activity guided fractionation of the n-hexane soluble fraction of a 70% aqueous methanolic extract of the dried fruits of Forsythia suspensa afforded two triterpenes, 3β-acetyl-20,25-epoxydammarane-24α-ol and 3β-acetyl-20,25-epoxydammarane-24β-ol. Results suggest that the antiinflammatory and analgesic effect of F.suspensa fruits may be the result of these compounds.
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Houtte, L. van, Flore des serres et des jardin de l’Europe, vol.12, t.0 (1845)

Forsythia hybrid

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