Datura innoxia Mill. - Solanaceae - hoary thorn-apple, Großblütiger Stechapfel

Annual herb, up to 2m high, native from North (Texas) to South America (Paraguay); densely pubescent; leaves broadly ovate, minutely tomentose; flower erect, corolla white to greenish (proximal); fruit capsule 3-4 cm in diameter, pubescent with white hairs.

„Hyoscyamine (atropine) and scopolamine are the predominant tropane alkaloids in the Datura genus, occurring in all plant organs… D. innoxia showed the highest concentrations of scopolamine in all organs examined, whereas D. metel accumulated the lowest scopolamine levels. Hyoscyamine, measured as atropine, was the highest in D. stramonium var. tatula, and the lowest in D. innoxia.“
[Determination of tropane alkaloids atropine and scopolamine by liquid chromatography–mass spectrometry in plant organs of Datura species. Jakabová, S., Vincze, L., Farkas, Á., Kilár, F., Boros, B., Felinger, A., Journal of Chromatography A, Vol.1232, 2012, 295-301]

Brugmansia aurea CC BY-SA 2.5, Author RickP Wikimedia Commons

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