Constantia cipoensis Porto & Brade - Orchidaceae - diamond orchid

Rare endangered miniature sized orchid from the Serra do Cipo (Minas Gerais, Brazil); pseudobulb epiphyte; leaf single, small, ovate; flower single, 2mm, white, lip diamond-shaped.

The fascinating flower scent (adapted to a pollinator; only for 1h in the morning twilight) of this species resembles the fragrance concept of 'Nivea' bodycare products: „Basically, it is a perfect harmony of 'ionone-floral' (β-ionone) and derivatives,'rosy-floral' (geraniol, geranylacetone, etc.), citrus-like (neral, geranial), and 'aromatic-floral' (benzyl acetate, methyl cinnamate) notes, rounded off by large levels of linalool.“
Main compounds found by SPME (charcoal), GC-MS were: Linalool (39.0%), benzyl acetate (11.0%), (E)-geranyl acetone (7.5%), benzyl benzoate (4.5%), (E,E)-farnesol (3.0%), methyl benzoate (2.8%), benzyl alcohol (2.5%), 1,4-dimethoxybenzene (2.2%), limonene (2.0%), methyl cinnamate (1.5%), geranial (1.3%), β-ionone (0.9%), (E)-cinnamyl alcohol (0.5%), benzaldehyde (0.5%), and neral (0.4%).
[Meaningful Scents around the World, Roman Kaiser, Zürich 2006, 22-23 and 226]

Constantia cipoensis CC BY-SA 3.0, Author: Americo Docha Neto Wikimedia Commons

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