Cinnamomum loureirii Nees - Lauraceae - Saigon cinnamon, Saigon cassia, Vietnamese cinnamon, Saigonzimt(baum)

Evergreen tree, native to Vietnam and Laos.

„Although it is called Saigon cinnamon, it is not produced in the area around the southern city of Saigon, but instead in the central and Central Highlands regions of the country, particularly the Quảng Ngai Province of central Vietnam. Saigon cinnamon is used primarily for its aromatic bark, which is quite similar to that of Cinnamomum cassia but with a more pronounced, complex aroma. In Vietnamese cuisine, Saigon cinnamon bark is an important ingredient in the broth used to make a noodle soup called phở.“

„The essential oil of the bark of young branches of Cinnamomum loureiroi grown in China was isolated by supercritical fluid extraction (SFE). The chemical composition of the essential oil was examined by GC and GC-MS. Twenty components were identified, representing 94.67 % of the related oil, respectively. Major components are cinnamaldehyde (66.44 %), copaene (6.25 %), β-cadinene (4.11 %), calamenene (3.84 %) and cadinadiene-4,9 (3.82 %).“
[Essential oil composition of cinnamomum loureiroi grown in china extracted by supercritical fluid extraction., Jiang, Z. T., Li, R., Wang, Y., Journal of Essential Oil Bearing Plants, 11(3), 2008, 267-270]

(green woody)

„The essential oils of the bark of young branches of Cinnamomum loureirii Nees. from China were isolated by hydrodistillation (HD) and microwave-assisted hydrodistillation (MHD) in yields of 5.8% and 6.1%, respectively. The chemical composition of the oils was examined by GC and GC/MS. Twenty components in the HD oil and 21 components in the MHD oil were identifed, representing 95.2% and 94.5% of the related oils, respectively. Major components in the HD and MHD oils were cinnamaldehyde (62.6%, 69.6%), α-copaene (16.0%, 5.4%) and β-cadinene (7.7%, 4.7%).“
[Chemical Composition of the Essential Oils of Cinnamomum loureirii Nees. From China Obtained by Hydrodistillation and Microwave-assisted Hydrodistillation., Li, R., Wang, Y., Jiang, Z. T., Jiang, S., CJournal of Essential Oil Research, Vol.22(2), 2010, 129-131]

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