Cercidiphyllum japonicum Siebold & Zucc. - Cercidiphyllaceae - カツラ katsura (jap.), katsura tree, Kuchenbaum

Deciduous tree, up to 20m tall, native to Japan and China, cultivated as ornamental; leaves dimorphic: long shoot leaves shorter petioled (up to 2cm), blades smaller, ovate, elliptic, or obovate, base rounded, truncate, or slightly cuneate, margin entire or finely serrate, apex acute., short shoot leaves petiole up to 4cm, ovate to reniform, base cordate, margin crenate, apex rounded; staminate flower stamens ca. 9mm, anthers pink, 3-4mm, pistillate flowers carpel 1-1.5cm, stigma red; seeds brown, flat, winged.

„The leaves turn a variety of pinks and yellows in autumn, and sometimes have a distinctive caramel scent when in fresh autumn colours.“

„Maltol and sugars in the leaves of Cercidiphyllum japonicum were examined and the presence of maltol (1.8-2.3%), fructose (2.6%), glucose (3.0%), and sorbitol (1.1%) was confirmed. The high amount of sugars was correlated to the amount of maltol all the year. This correlation is interesting from biosynthetic point of view, since it has been expected that maltol is synthesized from a sugar.“
[Maltol and Sugars of the Leaves of Cercidiphyllum japonicum., Takaishi K., Kawahara Y., Ikebe K., Yakugaku zasshi Journal of the Pharmaceutical Society of Japan, 93(11), 1973, 1538-42 - 高石清和, 河原有三, and 池辺克彦. „カツラの葉のマルトールと糖成分の研究.“ 藥學雜誌 93.11 (1973): 1538-1542]

 maltol maltol

Maltol concentrations in leaves of Cercidiphyllum japonicum were quantitatively monitored during a 1 year period and were found to peak in senescent leaves. An immediately preceding peak of a bound form of maltol was isolated and identified as maltol glucoside using HPLC, HRGC, and coupled HRGC-MS.“
[Seasonal variation of the concentrations of maltol and maltol glucoside in leaves of Cercidiphyllum japonicum., Tiefel, P., Berger, R.G., Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, 63(1), 1993, 59-61]

Addisonia, vol.11 t.364 (1926) [M.E.Eaton]

Cercidiphyllum japonicum, Kurpark Laaer Berg
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