Casimiroa edulis La Llave - Rutaceae - white sapote, Mexican apple, casimiroa, Weiße Sapote

Evergreen tree, native to Mexico, cultivated in Central America.

„The fruit is an ovoid drupe, 5–10cm in diameter, with a thin, inedible skin turning from green to yellow when ripe, and an edible pulp, which can range in flavor from bland to banana-like to peach to pear to vanilla flan. The pulp can be creamy-white in green skin varieties or a beige-yellow in yellow skin varieties and has a smooth texture similar to ripe avocado.“

„…18 compounds were, identified in casimiroa aroma, they contained (4) esters, (6) alcohols, (4) aldehydes, (3) terpenes and (1) ketone… Esters and alcohols comprised more than 85% of the total concentration of volatiles in casimiroa fruits during three stages of maturation. The highest content of ethyl butanoate (sweet and fruity aroma) and ethanol revealed the most prominent effect on consumer acceptability of the cosimiroa flavour attributes.“
[Development of volatile compounds of avocado and casimiroa during fruit maturation., El-Mageed, M. A. A., Arab Universities Journal of Agricultural Sciences, Vol.15(1), 2007, 89-100]

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