Calocedrus macrolepis Kurz - Cupressaceae
China Incense-cedar, 翠柏 (原变种) cui bai (yuan bian zhong) , Chinesische Weihrauchzeder

Endangered coniferous tree, up to 35m high, endemic to China.

A study of the wood oil from C.macrolepis growing in Vietnam showed α-terpineol (11.6%) myrtenal (10.6%), bornyl acetate (5.6%) and carvacrol methyl ester % (5.6%) to be the main components. Furthermore, benzyl benzoate (7.8%), δ-cadinene (6.5%), verbenone (3.8%), piperitone (4,4%), and acetoveratrone (3,4-dimethoxyacetophenone, 2.1%) were present.
[Composition of the wood oils of Calocedrus macrolepis, Calocedrus rupestris and Cupressus tonkinensis (Cupressaceae) from Vietnam. Dai, D. N., Thang, T. D., Thai, T. H., Thanh, B. V., & Ogunwande, I. A. , American Journal of Essential Oils and Natural Products, Vol.1(1), 2013, 28-33]

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