Caladium bicolor Vent. - Arum bicolor Aiton; Caladium × hortulanum Birdsey - Araceae
common caladium, elephant's ear, angel wings, Elefantenohr, Engelsflügel, Caladium

„A perennial stemless herb with a crown of mottled and coloured leaves arising from a tuberous rootstock, native of the tropical S American forest and Caribbean, and dispersed as an ornamental to many tropical and subtropical countries. The plant has been subject to hybridisation over nearly two centuries and it is probable that the material which has run wild and become naturalized is of the C. × hortulanum group of which C. bicolor is the principle parent.“

Floral scent samples (dynamic headspace extraction) from flowers of four Annona species (Annona coriacea, A. crassiflora, A. dioica, A. montana) and the Araceae Caladium bicolor emitted a characteristic roasted nut reminiscent aroma, as does pure 4-methyl-5-vinylthiazole. Fragrances of the four species of Annona consisted almost entirely of this single compound (over 97% of relative flower scent discharge).

4-Methyl-5-vinylthiazole was also identified as major constituent (36.2%) in the headspace of Caladium bicolor flowers, followed by 1,3,5-trimethoxybenzene (31.4%), methyl salicylate (15.5%), linalool (8.7%), and (Z)-jasmone (6.2%).
[The key role of 4-methyl-5-vinylthiazole in the attraction of scarab beetle pollinators: a unique olfactory floral signal shared by Annonaceae and Araceae., Maia, A.C.D., Dötterl, S., Kaiser, R., Silberbauer-Gottsberger, I., Teichert, H., Gibernau, M., Gottsberger, G., Journal of chemical ecology, 38(9), 2012, 1072-1080]

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