Brunfelsia uniflora (Pohl) D.Don - syn.Brunfelsia hopeana (Hook.) Benth.; Brunfelsia mutabilis (Jacques) A. Vilm.; Franciscea hopeana Hook. - Solanaceae
manacá, manacán (port.)

Shrub, native to South America.

Root extracts were once used by Indian tribes in Brazil as arrow poison. „Scraped bark is a strong purgative. The large root is said to stimulate the lymphatic system.“ [CRC Handbook of Medicinal Herbs, Duke, James A., 1990, 83]

The roots contain alkaloids manacin and manacein. [Hagers Handbuch der Pharmazeutischen Praxis, Springer 2010]

„… the whole root has CNS depressent activity and… the chloroform extract (F) which contains the basic or 'alkaloidal' fraction concentrates this activity. Extract (F) at an oral dose level of 100 mg/kg, was equally effective (w/w) as phenylbutazone in reducing carrageenin-induced pedal edema in rats.“
[Iyer, R. P., Brown, J. K., Chaubal, M. G., & Malone, M. H. (1976). Brunfelsia hopeana I: Hippocratic screening and antiinflammatory evaluation. Lloydia, 40(4), 356-360.]

Martius, C., Eichler, A.G., Urban, I., Flora Brasiliensis, vol. 8(1): fascile 30, t. 43 (1862)

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