Artemisia annua L. - Asteraceae - 黄花蒿 huang hua hao (chin.), annual wormwood, sweet wormwood, Einjähriger Beifuß

Upright glabraus annual herb, 0.50-1.50m high, with aromatic smell, native to China, naturalized in Europe and North America, cultivated in Asia, southeastern Europe; stems woody at their base, lower leaves dead at flowering time; leaves bi- to tripinnate, terminal segments entire or incised, obtuse; flowerheads pendulous, up to 2mm in diameter; yellow flowers appearing in late summer and autumn.

„Artemisia annua contains, among other essential oils, artemisinin (青蒿素 qing hao su). It is well known in Traditional Chinese Medicine for its anti-inflammatory, antifebrile, and hemostatic properties, and artemisinin has become widely valued as an effective treatment for strains of Plasmodium resistant to other anti-malarial drugs.“

Artemisia annua L. - sweet Annie, sweet wormwood- Kops et al., J., Flora Batava, vol. 22: t. 1697 (1906)

Artemisia annua, CC BY-SA 3.0, Author: Andreas Kraska

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