Annona reticulata L. - syn. Annona lutescens Saff. - Annonaceae
bullock's-heart, bull's heart, custard apple, Netzannone, Ochsenherz

Evergreen tree, possibly native to Central America and the Caribbean, cultivated in tropics.

„The flesh varies from juicy and very aromatic to hard with a repulsive taste. The flavor is sweet and pleasant, akin to the taste of 'traditional' custard.“

„Volatile compounds were isolated from four cultivars of bullock's heart fruit (Cenizo, Rojo, Verde, and De Ojo) by simultaneous steam distillation - solvent extraction. Compounds were identified by HRGC and capillary GC-MS. One hundred and eighty compounds were identified in the aroma extracts, of which α-pinene, β-pinene, myrcene, limonene, terpinen-4-ol, and germacrene D were found to be the major constituents. Fruit from cv. De Ojo containing the highest concentration of total volatile and the highest major terpenoid content had the highest custard-like and overall fruity aroma intensity. The presence of many terpenic compounds is thought to contribute to the unique flavor of the bullock's heart fruit.“
[Characterization of volatiles in Bullock's heart (Annona reticulata L.) fruit cultivars from Cuba., Pino, J. A., Marbot, R., Fuentes, V., Journal of agricultural and food chemistry, Vol.51(13), 2003, 3836-3839]

Hoola van Nooten, B., Fleurs, fruits et feuillages choisis de l’ille de Java: peints d’apres nature, t.20 (1880)

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