Zingiberaceae - syn. Amomum villosum var. xanthiodes (Wall.) T.L.Wu et Senjen.; bastard siamese cardamom, wild siamese cardamom, Bastard-Kardamom, Stacheliger Kardamom, Wilder Kardamom

Perennial of Southeast Asia, up to 3m high; leaves linear-lanceolate, up to 35cm long and 7cm broad, aristate, hairless; inflorescence short-petioled, globular, 3cm long, few-flowered; orchid-like flowers with leafy stalkes.

„Capsule green or brownish when mature and fresh.“

The seeds contain bornyl acetate, camphor, and borneol. [GC determination of three components in Amomum villosum and its relative species, DING,Ping,HUANG,Hai-bo,YANG,Tie-chui,ZHANG,Qiu-lan, Journal of Pharmaceutical Analysis.2010;30(2):230-232]

Used to improve appetite, threat diarrhea and vomiting, and to regulate the flow of Qi. [Chinese Materia Medica: Chemistry, Pharmacology and Applications, You-Ping Zhu, 1998, 308]

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