Alchemilla arvensis (L.) Scop. - syn.Aphanes arvensis L.; Alchemilla occidentalis Nutt. - Rosaceae
parsley piert, breakstone parsley, (Gewöhnlicher) Ackerfrauenmantel, Ackersinau

Near prostrate, radiating annual, 5-20cm high; native to Europe, West Asia, naturalized in temperate regions; leaves pale green to glaucous, palmate (3-lobed), 1 cm long, hairy; flowers in axillary clusters, minute, green, bottle-shaped.

„Free radical scavenging activity was determined by DPPH method. The methanolic extract showed a scavenging activity nearly equivalent to Trolox and Vitamin C and has an IC50 value of 4.54 µg/mL… A. arvensis possess strong antioxidant activity and protective effects with very little cytotoxic effect, and they can therefore be used as a natural additive in food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.“
[Aphanes arvensis L.(Alchemilla arvensis (L.) Scop.). Azimova, S. S., Glushenkova, A. I., In Lipids, Lipophilic Components and Essential Oils from Plant Sources (pp. 708-709). Springer London 2012]

Oeder G.C. et al., Flora Danica, f.17, t.973 (1761-1883)

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