Aframomum melegueta K. Schum. - Zingiberaceae - Melegueta pepper, grains of paradise, alligator pepper, Guinea pepper, Meleguetapfeffer, Malagettapfeffer, Paradieskörner, Guineapfeffer, Afrikapfeffer

Perennial herb, native to West Africa, also cultivated; flowers trumpet-shaped, white-purple; pods 5-7cm long; seeds small, numerous, reddish-brown.

„Aframomum melegueta is known as famu wisa in Twi to distinguish it from soro wisa (Piper guineense Schum. et Thonn.), and the seeds are often referred to as Guinea grains or Grains of Paradise.“
[The Cultivation of Melegueta Pepper in Ghana., Lock, J.M., Hall, J.B., Abbiw, D.K., Economic botany, 31(3), 1977, 321-330]

The major components of absolute and supercritical CO2 extract of Aframomum melegueta were [6]-paradol (35.1 and 13.3%), [6]-shogaol (21.5 and 6.1%), [6]-gingerdione (9.8 and 28.0%), α-humulene (10.5 and 7.2%) and [6]-gingerol (1.3 and 10.0%).
„However gingerols are thermally unstable and can decompose under high temperature during GC analysis, therefore HPLC was used for oleoresins analysis and phenyl alkenones quantification.“
[Chemical composition of absolute and supercritical carbon dioxide extract of Aframomum melegueta., Fernandez, X., Pintaric, C., Lizzani‐Cuvelier, L., Loiseau, A.M., Morello, A., Pellerin, P., Flavour and fragrance journal, 21(1), 2006, 162-165]

Roscoe,W., Monandrian plants of the order Scitamineae, (1854) [W.Sharp]

grains of paradise, Paradieskörner

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