Adonis vernalis L. - syn.Adonanthe vernalis Spach - Ranunculaceae
spring adonis, pheasant's eye, Frühlings-Adonisröschen, Frühlingsteufelsauge

Perennial herb, up to 40cm high, native to Siberia, Caucasus and East Europe; leaves dissected into filiform segments; flowers solitary and terminal, bright yellow, 2-3.5(-7)cm across, opening in (early) spring.

The standardised powder of the dried aerial parts (flowering, Adonidis herba) has been used occasionally as heart stimulant. As with foxglove, dosage has to be carefully controlled. „Several heart glycosides (cardenolides) are present, in concentrations of 0.2 to 0.5%. Cymarin is the main active compound (hydrolysis give k-strophantin and D-cymarose), with smaller amounts of adonitoxin (hydrolysis gives adonitoxigenin and L-rhamnose) and 26 additional cardenolides. Also present are flavanoids (flavone-C-glycosides).“
[Medicinal Plants of the World. Ben-Erik Van Wyk and Michael Wink, Pretoria 2004, 33]

„Adonis vernalis commonly called as Pheasant’s eye belongs to the family Ranunculaceae is a well known homoeopathic remedy containing a specific cardiac glycoside, Adonidin, which has similar action like digitalin obtained from Foxgloves. Due to presence of cardiac glycoside and diuretic effect A.vernalis is used for the treatment of congestive heart failure.
[Alcoholic extract of A.vernalis] (5mg/kg) had shown a significant decrease in serum cholesterol and triglycerides when compared with control, triton-induced hyperlipidemic control (TIC) and triton-induced positive control (TIPC) (p<0.05). It slightly increased HDL, clear decrease in LDL and total protein while no effect was found on ALT, uric acid and glucose. Conclusions: According to the experimental findings the alcoholic extract of A. vernalis found to be a potent antihyperlipidemic agent and also showed hepatoprotective property.“
[Antihyperlipidemic effect of Adonis vernalis., Lateef, T., Riaz, A., Zehra, A., Qureshi, S.A., Journal of Dow University of Health Sciences, 6(2), 2013, 47-51]

Thomé, O.W., Flora von Deutschland Österreich und der Schweiz, Tafeln, vol.2: t.237 (1885)

Adonis vernalis
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