Actaea simplex (DC.) Wormsk. ex Prantl - syn.Cimicifuga simplex (DC.) Wormsk. ex Turcz.; Actaea cimicifuga var. simplex DC. - Ranunculaceae
单穗升麻 dan sui sheng ma (chin.), Kamchatka bugbane

Perennial herb, up to 1m high, native to Japan, the Kamtschatka Peninsula, Manchuria and Sakhalin; leaves alternate, dark-green, alternate, pinnate, leaflets ovate; flowers white, in long racemes; fruits are ornamental brown follicles.
Cultivated as ornamental: „The selection of cultivars focuses mainly on the colour of the flowers and the leaves. There are four example cultivars with pink flowers or red leaves.“

„Floral fragrances in four species of Cimicifuga (Ranunculaceae) were collected by sorption and analyzed by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. One pollination morph in C. simplex was found to contain three benzenoid compounds absent in the two other morphs. Two of these substances — methyl anthranilate and isoeugenol — induce behavioural modification in pollinating butterflies. The function of a range of terpenes present in small amounts in all analyzed species is unknown, but they may be involved in herbivore deterrence.“
[Floral fragrances in Cimicifuga: Chemical polymorphism and incipient speciation in Cimicifuga simplex., Bergstrom, G., Pellmyrt, O., Biochemical systematics and ecology, Vol.15(4), 1987, 441-444]

Addisonia, vol.2, t.58 (1917) [M.E.Eaton]

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