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 +Fraxinus ornus L. - Oleaceae- flowering ash, manna ash, **Manna-Esche**,​ Blumenesche
 +Deciduous tree, up to 25m high, native to South Europe, West Asia; leaves opposite, odd pinnate, up to 20cm long, leaflets 5-9, ovate-lanceolate,​ serrate; ​ flowers in dense panicles, petals creamy white; fruit a one-seeded nut (samara) with one wing (up to 2cm long).
 +"​F.ornus yields manna (Manna cannelata) - fried sugary exudate that flows after insect damag or after deliberate incisions of the bark during warm, dry weather... Manna is composed mainly of D-mannitol (70-90%), with smaller amounts of D-glucose, D-fructose and oligosaccharides... Manna is a useful laxative, especially when a soft stool is required (in cases of painful haemorrhoides,​ anal fissures or after surgery)."​ \\
 +[Medicinal Plants of the World. Ben-Erik Van Wyk and Michael Wink, Pretoria 2004, 147]  ​
 +"​Fraxinus ornus bark is used in the traditional medicine for wound healing and treatment of inflammation, ​
 +arthritis and dysentery. Biological studies on crude extract, many of its constituents and some extractives have revealed significant antimicrobial,​ antioxidative and photodynamic damage prevention, wound healing, anti-
 +inflammatory,​ immunomodulatory and antiviral activities providing a support to the ancient claims. Chemical studies on bark, leaves and flowers of F. ornus have shown the presence of many compounds belonging mainly to the groups of hydroxycoumarins, ​ secoiridoid ​ glucosides, ​ phenylethanoids ​ and  flavonoids. F. ornus is rich in hydroxycoumarins. Esculin, esculetin [6,​7-dihydroxycoumarin],​ fraxin and fraxetin are the main components of the bark." \\
 +[Pharmacological activities and biologically active compounds of Bulgarian medicinal plants., Ivancheva, S., Nikolova, M., Tsvetkova, R., Phytochemisry:​ Advances in research. Kerala: Signpost, 2006, 87-103] [[http://​​ebook/​uploads/​imperato/​T_1231133680Imperato-4.pdf]]
 +{{:​fraxinus_ornus.jpg?​500}} \\
 +Kohl,F.G., Die officinellen Pflanzen der Pharmacopoea Germanica, t.118 (1891-1895) \\
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